Commercial Carports Texas - Hiring the right company

Don't just take our word for it.. Research is critical when looking for the right company to complete your project. We are listed with the Houston Better Business Bureau, and have several projects for review. Other sources for research include, google,, Don't take a chance on the here today gone tomorrow. Rest assured that Commercial Carports Texas will be here to answer your needs.



About Commercial Carport Texas

Our History, since 2006, we have been in the commercial and industrial metal structure industry. Commercial Carports Texas has made a numbers of transitions through the years. We proudly use metal products that are made in the USA. Our headquarters are located in Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the United States. Over the past 10 years our metal structural designed products have seen commercial and industrial project throughout the Southern Gulf Coast and Texas Region. Our goal is to meet the consumers’ needs involving the most complex metal structural projects. We are family owned business with the commitment to selling quality, long lasting, commercial and industrial grade metal structures. - Melissa Boren

Commercial Carports Texas - More about our history

Melissa Boren has been in the metal structure industry for over 20 years. Starting out in managing the residential carports business, her vision for quality and durable building products quickly transformed in creating and building quality metal structures rated to meet the stringent specifications of the commercial and industrial arena. Commercial Carports Texas is a family owned and operated company. We are insured and bonded.

Commercial Carports Installation

Through our install program, we will send one of our trained installation specialist to ensure your commercial installation runs smoothly and on time. Each of our installers has been specially trained to ensure your metal structure will perform as designed and will last a life time. All of our metal structures carry the best warranty in the business, which not only includes the metal products, but also includes the installation.

Commercial Carports Texas - We still do residential.

Don't need your structure to be commercially rate? We started out in the residential metal carports business. Give us a call, or send us more information about your residential project. Our project included, Residential Metal Carports, Patio Covers, RV Covers, Walkways, Metal Storage Buildings and more.

CCT - Services

  • No Obligation - Estimate/Consultation
  • Commercial Metal Structure Application
  • Industrial Metal Structure Application
  • Residential Metal Structure Application
  • Fast and Efficient Installation Services
  • Service after the project
  • Servicing Texas and the southern gulf coast region.

At Commercial Carports Texas -
Safety - Is Priority #1

Several of our members have been with Commercial Carports Texas for over 10 years, bringing with them many prior years of diverse construction experience. We have deployed our Installation specialists throughout Texas and the southern gulf coast region. We focus on in house safety and best practice training of our installation teams. We have streamlined our construction approach because we perform most all work with our own employees and equipment, serving to eliminate delays and quality issues from outsourcing to third parties.

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